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Probate & Estate Planning Attorneys Serving the Ft. Worth Area

Estate Planning with a Family Focus

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Estate planning goes beyond the issue of how your assets are distributed. It’s the kind of planning that protects your assets to provide in the future for those you care about the most, and lays the foundation for the well-being and quality of life for your family for years to come. In a comprehensive estate plan, trusts and wills are critical tools that ensure the probate process is smooth, your wishes are carried out, and the lives of parents, children, siblings, extended family and more are impacted in the most positive way. To help make that happen, we get to know you, your family situation and then craft a specific plan for you, using our deep expertise in estate law to meet your personal situation and your family's needs. That we treat you as family is not just a marketing line – we’ve given the very same planning and advice to our own families.

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Serving with Heart

Helping you plan for your family’s future through comprehensive estate planning is not only about legal expertise and knowledge of financial issues, although they certainly help. It’s about getting to know you, your personal situation, your family and your goals for the future. And that takes both heart and an understanding of people – the struggles we all go through and the challenges that we all face. Whether you need to settle an estate, obtain a will, protect a vulnerable loved one or resolve a debt issue, we are here to help.

"Empathy. Integrity. Reliability." This is not just our motto--it's our mission.

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We're Here For You

At the Law Office of Tawana H. Gray, PLLC, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We understand that the problem you bring to us may be the most pressing issue in your life at the time. Our first goal is for you to rest assured that you have placed your legal matter in confident, capable hands. Then we want you to watch as we work diligently and efficiently on your behalf until the matter is fully resolved. Whether you need to settle an estate, obtain a will, or protect a vulnerable loved one, we are here to help.

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How to Get Started With Our Firm.

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Understanding your challenges, honestly assessing your situation, and working relentlessly until the job is done is our modus operandi.


“Empathy. Integrity. Reliability."
This not just our motto--it's our mission. 

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Attorney Serving Fort Worth, Tarrant County, And The Surrounding Areas

Tawana H. Gray has the experience and attention to detail that you deserve when you need legal assistance. Call us today at 817-270-9975 or contact us online and experience service that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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