Business Plan for Existing Fort Worth Businesses 

You’ve worked hard to get your business off the ground. Now you’re looking ahead to the future. 

  • Are you ready for business growth? Will it be in your current location or will you expand with more locations? Are you considering franchising? Or the purchase of an existing business? 
  • Will you need financing? Are you looking for a bank loan, private investors, or do you want to explore taking your company public?  
  • Are you thinking of management or leadership changes? Will you be adding a partner or bringing family members into the business? 
  • Are you looking even further ahead to an exit strategy? Will you hand off the business to a family member or a key employee, or will you sell it outright? Don’t wait to plan an exit strategy.
  • Is your business adequately protected from risk? Business planning can identify areas risk that may not have been present or adequately addressed when your business began.

If you’re ready to look to the future, look to Fort Worth business attorney Tawana H. Gray for help with advanced business planning. A business owner herself, with a focus on asset protection and business succession planning [link to business succession planning], Ms. Gray works with Fort Worth business owners of small to mid-sized businesses. To schedule an initial one-hour consultation, call 817-270-9975 or contact us online.

The Next Step in Your Business Roadmap for Success

This next step in business planning effort could take you back to your original business plan to update or expand it. Or we could focus on one or a few areas of special concern to you, such as:

  • Questions about how your existing business structure [link to types of business structure] may limit your opportunities for growth or force a business restructuring
  • Ensuring your business plan and other business documents represent your business well when you seek bank financing or new investors
  • Preparing to take your business public
  • Changes in the regulatory environment for your business
  • Previously unidentified legal and financial risks
  • Buy-sell agreements to protect the interests of business partners in times of death or divorce

Ms. Gray will be your legal partner throughout the process of starting, growing and profiting from your business. She is pleased to help you realize your American dream.

Contact a Advisor For Planning Your Business

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