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Many of us need a little help as we age: help with finances, help around the house, sometimes help with the tasks of daily living. Will we be able to afford the help we need? Are there things we can do today to ensure we (or our loved ones) can get help when it’s needed?

This is a question the Fort Worth elder law attorney at the Law Office of Tawana H. Gray, PLLC, can answer. Call us to talk about estate planning strategies for the elderly that can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones: 817-270-9975.

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Elder Care

Elder law is the term used to describe legal matters that become more important near the end of life. 

  • Has your loved been diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, or another serious illness?
  • Do they need someone to help handle their financial affairs or manage their medical care?
  • Will he or she (or will you) need nursing home care in the future?
  • Will he or she need Medicaid assistance to help pay for care? Will they qualify for Medicaid, or will they need to spend-down their assets?
  • How can family assets be protected to provide for your loved one’s needs that aren’t covered by Medicare and monthly income, or for the needs of a healthy spouse?

These are complicated questions, both legally and financially. When you meet with our elder care lawyer, she will help you understand your options and the elder law tools available to protect your loved one. These tools can include:

  • A Power of Attorney 
  • Legal guardianship
  • Trusts, like special needs Trusts or Qualified Income (Miller) Trusts (which adjust a person’s income downward to help them qualify for Medicaid)
  • Changes to deeds to transfer assets to other family members 
  • Connection to resources in the community

In order to use some of these strategies, you will need to take action in advance, sometimes a few years in advance. It’s never too early to talk with an elder care lawyer. We will explain Medicaid qualifications and advance planning options so you can make an informed decision about the best course of action for you and your family.  

Once you have decided what will work for you, our Medicaid planning attorney will prepare the estate planning documents and connect you with the available services you need. She can also help you or your loved one apply for and qualify for Medicaid, if necessary.

An Elder Law Attorney Here to Help You and Your Family

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Protecting Our Loved Ones as They Age

Whether you need advance planning or to make an immediate move to set up care, we are here to serve. We understand that these decisions are often difficult and that they are of the utmost importance to the family.  While we have worked with many families facing similar issues, we always create solutions based on individual needs. Our goal is to ensure your loved one gets the best care that is suitable for his or her needs and that you have peace of mind about the decisions you make. 

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