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Carefully Constructed Trusts

When the time comes to create an estate plan, you may realize that you have very specific goals you would like to accomplish beyond simply leaving certain property to a certain person. Trusts can be used to serve a wide range of goals. There are many different types of trusts that we can create for you to help meet all of your estate planning needs.

We can help create trusts that are tailored to your needs such as:

Some of the benefits trusts can offer include:

  • Avoidance of probate
  • Maintenance of privacy (unlike probate which is public record, trusts are kept private)

Trusts can also be built with controls to prevent a spendthrift heir from rapidly depleting the benefit you are trying to confer to him or her. Trusts can also be structured to provide assistance for children, even adult children, with special needs so that they are still eligible to receive disability benefits that they may need.

Tailored Trust Solutions

For a trust to be effective in achieving your estate planning goals, it needs to be closely tailored to your situation. This is where the highly personal service and experience we offer can truly help you and your heirs. We closely examine the circumstances of each client we assist and we use what we learn about them to craft the right trust or trusts for their individual needs.

Here To Help You And Your Family

At the Law Office of Tawana H. Gray, PLLC, our firm can analyze your situation and determine if a trust is right for your estate planning goals. If it is, we will make sound recommendations based on more than a decade of estate planning experience. The key to successfully meeting your estate planning needs with a trust is proper trust construction. Our extensive experience and skill in this area allow us to deliver the trusts our clients need.

Texas Trust Attorney

For estate planning representation that can help you make sense of the benefits trusts can provide for you and your heirs, turn to the Law Office of Tawana H. Gray, PLLC. To schedule an initial consultation with our lawyer, call 817-270-9975 or contact us online.

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