Fort Worth Guardianship Attorney

Your parent or some other senior relative may no longer be able to take care of his or her needs. They may need someone to make decisions regarding health care, finances and other personal issues. Being named as his or her guardian will give you the legal recognition necessary to be able to help them. We can help you work through the process.

Helping Someone Who Is Helpless

Has someone you love become incapacitated because of Alzheimer’s, a coma or some other illness or injury? Has a child with special needs turned 18 years old and you are no longer able to act on his or her behalf? When you see someone you love in need, you want to help. But, you may not be legally able to without being named as a guardian.

We can help you secure either type of guardianship:

  • Of the person — This allows you to make health care choices for your loved one.
  • Of the estate — This allows you to make financial decisions for your loved one.

The help our guardianship attorney offers includes dealing with issues such as the possibility of:

  • Placing your loved one in a nursing home, or extended care
  • Establishing appropriate financial instruments such as a Miller Trust which can help them qualify for Medicaid
  • Applying for Medicaid

Here To Help You And Your Family

At the Law Office of Tawana H. Gray, PLLC, we understand the complexities that can surround the issue of guardianships. These can be emotionally charged issues. If you have a vulnerable senior who needs your help, he or she may not want help or there may be relatives who disagree with your approach to helping. We take a compassionate and competent approach to guardianships that help our clients to take care of the people they love.

Guardianship Lawyer Serving Fort Worth, TX, Tarrant County And The Surrounding Areas

To ensure that your loved ones are properly cared for, turn to the Law Office of Tawana H. Gray, PLLC, for assistance securing a guardianship. To schedule an initial consultation, call 817-270-9975 or contact us online.